This is Starting to Get Ugly

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As the chief of the Fox News PR machine, Brian Lewis lead the way when it came down to discrediting and tearing apart a Fox News employee that stepped out of line. 

FNC's publicity department was not above tipping off other media outlets about the shortcomings of the soon to be ex-employee of Fox News.

Lewis and his team would take aim at the staffer like and execution squad.

Now, after doing this for years, the hunter has become the hunted. 

Lewis was fired from Fox News last month. FNC has done the best they could not to let the news of his firing leak out. Now that it has, Fox is playing Lewis' game on him. 

Official word out of FNC is Lewis was sacked after "an extensive internal investigation." The company says that he was let go for issues "relating to financial irregularities as well as for multiple, material and significant breaches of his employment contract."

But this is much more that Brian Lewis fudging on his expense report. Word is that Lewis broke the number rule of Fox News. He spoke about Fox News. It's kind of like Fight Club, run by Roger Ailes. 

In a Tweet last night, Matt Drudge tipped off what was going down with the Lewis firing:

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Fox News Boss Roger Ailes suspected that Lewis leaked information to author Gabriel Sherman.

Sherman's book about Ailes and Fox News.  Roger Ailes is not painted in the best light in the book and it appears that he is putting some of that blame on his former right hand man, Brian Lewis. 

It makes no difference if Lewis spoke out of class or not. If Roger Ailes thinks he did and he must be eliminated.  

The problem lies that if Lewis were to turn around and write a book about Ailes and FNC, he could cause more damage then any book ever written.

"Brian Lewis not only knows where the skeletons are buried, he helped dig the hole," said one cable news executive that is loving the internal problems now ongoing at Fox News. 

Word is that Fox News and Brian Lewis have been working the past few weeks on a separation agreement. Lewis could get a huge severance check that will also include him keeping his mouth shut about Fox News and their boss. 

But, Lewis could also turn around and parlay the information inside his head into a major book deal and even more. And that alone, has to scare the shit out of the brass at Fox News. 

Of course, you can bet your bottom dollar that Fox will fight back against Lewis and do their best to destroy him before any deal is done. 

But with two sides playing the same game, it could get really ugly. 

And as the cable news executive said "this could get really fun to watch." 

Stay tuned...