California Anchor Can Get Public Intoxication Charges Dropped


Longtime KEYT news anchor and reporter Paula Lopez has a chance to clear her record.

As FTVLive told you, Lopez who is married to a judge was busted Monday for public intoxication.

Now the judge (not her husband) has given Lopez the option of participating in a misdemeanor diversion program that would dismiss the charges. 

Lopez drew media attention and public concern when she was reported missing by her family on Feb. 27. She returned home safely later in the day, and relatives said she had a medical condition.

In a written statement released after her Monday arrest, Lopez said he has been in treatment for alcoholism for a number of months.

“I have dealt with anxiety and depression for many years. Excessive self-medication is a fairly recent phenomenon for me. It has increased over time. I have had substantial periods of abstinence and sobriety,” she said.

Dudley said that Lopez is both eligible and suitable for her office’s diversion program, which costs $250 to participate in.

“Should she choose to enroll and complete this program, the charge of public intoxication will be dropped,” Dudley said in a written statement.

“Should she decide to not enroll or not complete the program, she will be criminally prosecuted for public intoxication,” she added.

Dudley said Lopez was sent a letter Thursday inviting her to take part in the program, and she has 90 days to complete the program if she chooses to take part.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Lopez has an attorney in the matter or if she would elect to participate in the program.

H/T Santa Maria Times