Ed Schultz Back To Weekdays on MSNBC


When MSNBC demoted Ed Schultz to weekends, Schultz swore up and down it wasn't a demotion and that he wanted a lighter workload. 

Well, now MSNBC is moving Schultz back to a Weekday slot, so we're guessing that Schultz no longer wants a "lighter workload." 

In other words, he was full of crap. back then.

MSNBC is in full panic mode and they have come to realize that Chris Matthews is losing his luster.

So cable news network that doesn't like to cover news is pulling the plug on one of Matthews' weeknight shows and replacing him with the guy they had demoted to weekends (are you following me here?). 

MSNBC is trying to spin it their way, but the bottom line is it does not bode well for Matthews.