TV Anchor and Crime Fighter


One Jacksonville Anchor might start wearing a cape as he also fights crime.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says that WTLV Anchor Phil Amato helped nab a armed burglary suspect.

Amato explained that he was driving home from breakfast in his pick-up truck earlier this week when he spotted the suspect fleeing from the officer on foot.

"The suspect ran out from between two houses and I just happened to be right there," Amato said.

The suspect jumped in the back of Amato's pick-up truck, giving Officer Blanton enough time to catch up and make the arrest.

"He might have thought I was a getaway vehicle or something," Amato said.

The JSO posted photos of the arrest and Amato and Blanton shaking hands and giving a thumbs-up with Amato's truck visible in the background. 

"Thank you both for a job well done," was the message posted to the JSO's Facebook page.