Mika Shares her Weight on Twitter

FTVLive long ago quit trying to figure out women. But, we did learn along the way that you should never talk to a lady about her weight. 

But, 'Morning Joe's' Mika Brzezinski not only talks about her weight, she Tweets about it as well.

Brzezinski put on 18 pounds and she was happy about it.   

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 6.33.04 AM.png

Brzezinski opened up about her issues with food and her body earlier this year in her book "Obsessed." She said that she spent decades overeating and overexercising in secret, until a heart-to-heart conversation with her friend Diane Smith in 2011.

Brzezinski wrote in a blog post that after that, "My goal was a healthy 135-pound woman who ate a reasonable meal when she was hungry, instead of someone who freaked out when the scale tipped 120 pounds, fought against the urge to eat at every turn, and often felt drained by all that effort."

If you're expecting FTVLive to be tweeting any pictures from our scale....don't.

We chucked that thing in the trash a longtime ago.  The damn thing never did give us the weight we wanted to be. Must have been broken.

H/T HuffPo