He's Back


After sitting on the sidelines for a few months, our man Robert Feder is back in the game.  

Chicago's best Media Critic is launching his own website RobertFeder.com and will be dishing the dirt about Chicago Television. 

Feder was the longtime TV Critic at the Chicago Sun Times, he left the paper as it was starting to become a shell of it's former self. 

He hooked up with the alternative paper Time Out, but it was sold and Feder was once again on the sidelines.

This time it appears that our man has taken a cue from FTVLive and is starting his own website in which he will have total control. But, Feder will still have ties to a Chicago newspaper. 

Feder says his site will be "licensed and marketed by the Chicago Tribune Media Group. Under our agreement, I will retain sole ownership of the website and its content. The Tribune will be responsible for all advertising and technical support."

FTVLive has been in touch with Robert for over a decade and we for one could not be happier that he's back doing what he loves.