Weatherman Being Phased out in Buffalo


WKBW is slowly kicking their longtime weatherman out the door. 

At the end of this month, Meteorologist Mike Randall will have been working at the station for 30 years.

So how is the station rewarding their longtime weatherman? 

But cutting his pay and taking away his title of Chief Meteorologist. 

Randall is now the station's "senior meteorologist."  Aaron Mentkowski is now being referred to as the station’s "chief meteorologist." 

Randall is also having his hours at the station cut by about 20%.  

Sources add that the plan to reduce Randall's hours isn’t his idea.

Channel 7 General Manager Mike Nurse this morning confirmed that Randall's hours are being reduced but painted a more positive picture about why it is happening than sources have told me.

Nurse said the reductions in hours in the new deal "gives Mike more time for his other endeavors."

Nurse declined to say whether Randall took a pay cut. 

Yeah, like we can't figure that one out. 

H/T Buffalo News