HBO's Newsroom - Fiction or Fact?


Like most TV people, FTVLive gets a kick out of watching HBO's newsroom to see how close they can get to the real thing?

While the show is entertaining, they miss the mark when it comes to looking like a real newsroom.

Here are 5 things you see on the show and how it compares to a real newsroom. Let separate fact and fiction:

No. 1 - On the HBO show you often see the newsroom staff watching the show on a monitor in the newsroom. Also, many times after the show signs off, you see the staff cheering and clapping in the newsroom.

Fact - Neither of these things ever happen in a real newsroom  

No. 2 - On the show, often times the Producer leaves the control room during the show and they seem to have a lot of meetings on set during the commercial breaks.

Fact - This almost never happens in real life. 

No. 3 - There are two guys on the show that have the hots for another staffer in the newsroom. Both are doing their best to get the girl to like them. 

Fact - This is entirely true.

No. 4 - In HBO's Newsroom, the operation is run by an old white haired guy who seems perennially drunk. 

Fact - This is pretty much true as well. 

No. 5 - The anchor on HBO's show is a blustery, opinionated jerk who believes he’s smarter than everyone else.

Fact - Nailed it!