OH! Did the Old One Leave?


WPBF in West Palm Beach has a job opening for Assistant News Director. The posting is interesting since the station has never confirmed or told the staff that the last Deuce was fired.

As FTVLive told you back on July 26th,  Assistant News Director Steve Boyer was escorted out of the station’s newsroom after being given 10 minutes to clean out his desk.

But yet no one from the station has said anything. 

Now think for a second, if the Mayor of West Palm Beach was escorted from the building. Do you think WPBF would be covering the story? What do you think the station's reaction would be if no one would confirm that the Mayor was gone or not?

Yet, station's continue clam up when it deals with one of their own.  

Word is that Boyer was sacked after having drinks with a job applicant. It's not the first time the guy has been accused of crossing the line with a job applicant.

The interesting part of the new job posting for an Assistant News Director, the station is looking for someone with "a strong ethical compass."

Maybe they should have put that in the listing the last time they posted it.  

Here's a link to the job listing.