M-I-A Anchor Breaks Her Silence


It took an arrest for KEYT Anchor Paula Lopez to break her silence. 

Lopez made news back in February when she went missing and a police search was launched to try and find her. She showed up a few hours later in her home. 

At the time Lopez and the station would not say what caused her to go missing. The only thing said in public was that she had a "medical condition." 

It appears that her "medical condition" is she's an alcoholic.  


Earlier this week, Lopez was arrested for public intoxication. And she is finally talking.

After months of silence Lopez has issued a statement: 

"I have been in professional medical treatment for the disease of alcoholism for a number of months. I have dealt with anxiety and depression for many years. Excessive self-medication is a fairly recent phenomenon for me. It has increased over time.

"I have had substantial periods of abstinence and sobriety. As can occur in the recovery process, I have also had failures and relapses.

"I know that most people have a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or know of someone who has been impacted by substance abuse. They understand the scourge and pain that befalls those close to the diseased individual.

"Much was written about my prior medical circumstances. All that was released to the media regarding my medical circumstances was true. But it was not complete. That is no longer the case.

"From your expressions, I know that vast multitudes of you understand my plight and sympathize with my circumstances.

"Others of you cannot, and never will. I am extremely humbled and grateful for those who do.

"I ask the forgiveness of those who cannot."