Station Blurs Reporter's Crotch During Stand Up (Updated)

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 5.34.30 AM.png

KAKE (Wichita) Reporter Deb Farris was doing a story about a stolen dog. The story started out Farris crouched down in a green dress with a dog.

It appears when they got back to to the edit booth, Deb might have revealed a bit more than she wanted viewers to see. 

Instead of just cutting the stand up out of the story, they decided to blur Farris's crotch during the stand up.  

Because you know...face time is important.

Update: Deb Farris emailed FTVLive and said "It was my under garment that my photographer blurred out, not my crotch. He didn't notice it when we were shooting the stand up. He saw it while editing, and thought he'd be polite and blur it out. It would have been fine if he left it."

By the way, who under the age of 80 calls it an "under garment"? 

Just saying.... 

You can watch the video at the station's website