Back Again...

What's old is new again in Roanoke. 


Former WSLS Anchor John Carlin returned to the station last night after being off the air for 5 years. 

The last time he sat behind an anchor desk, he read the news from a paper script. Last night he did so from an iPad.

Carlin left the station in 2008 after 21 years as an anchorman in order to work in public relations and other businesses.

One aspect of the newscast that hasn’t changed is his co-anchor. Karen McNew worked with Carlin from 2003 until 2008.

In fact, McNew gave Carlin his tutorial on the iPad.

“She sat there and flipped through the pages and I thought, ‘Boy, I hope I can trust that,’” Carlin said.

WSLS management approached Carlin, 52, about returning to news after anchor Jay Warren’s departure. He said that the offer surprised him, but not nearly as much as the surprise he felt when he decided that he was interested.

“If you had asked me the day Jay Warren left if I would come back to news I would have said I had no interest,” Carlin said. “The station contacted me and, once we started talking, I got more and more excited.”

WSLS news director Melissa Stacey said that “we are elated to have John back in the WSLS family. We have missed him.”