Oh CNN...Not Again

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It looks like CNN is catching heat for more reporting that turned out to be wrong. 

Thge Cable News Network is a target of protesters in Egypt after it mistakenly labeled a crowd as being supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi and repeatedly referred to his overthrow as a "coup."

The crowd was actually protesting against Morsi, and backers of his ouster have strongly objected to calling it a coup, saying that the Egyptian military deposed him based on popular will. CNN called the events a coup minutes after Morsi's departure from office was announced last Wednesday.

Someone created a "CNN Supports Terrorism" Facebook page and Twitter account, and protesters could be seen in Cairo with signs reading "CNN Shame On You":

There was also a march in New York, and a petition which has garnered over 40,000 signatures.

Ben Wedeman, CNN's longtime Cairo correspondent, said on Twitter that people had become so incensed about the coverage that he didn't feel safe enough to go to Tahrir Square. He admitted on Twitter to making the reporting mistake as well.


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It seems that wrong reporting is happening to CNN more and more and especially on the big stories. The network is still nursing a black eye over their mistakes they made while covering the Boston bombings. 

H/T HuffPo