Harrisburg Weatherman Attacked and Beaten


It has not been a very good month for WHP in Harrisburg. 

Days ago, the station's News Director Dave Baer was busted in a prostitution sting and has been quietly let go from the station.

Now word comes that the station's weatherman was attacked and beaten as he went out for a jog. 

Meteorologist and reporter Kirk Clyatt went for a run very early Sunday morning when was jumped.

Clyatt was on his run and noticed a group of five young men and a woman coming towards him. The group passes him when the woman comes from behind and hits him in the head with a very heavy purse, possibly with a brick inside.

Clyatt says then one of the punks tackled him, while others from the group attack a Hispanic male just a few feet away.

It is unknown whether the group was targeting Kirk, the other man, or both. 

Clyatt believes there were three or four attackers and the only person he got a good description of was the woman who hit him with the purse.

He described her as a white female in her early 20's, around 5'2" tall with shoulder length light-colored hair. She also had large script/scroll tattoos on both of her forearms.  

In regards to running late at night, Kirk had this to say, "Many people have told me I shouldn’t run late at night in Harrisburg. I’m certainly going to have to reconsider my actions in the future. I’m 6’4” and wasn’t safe, you certainly get a different perspective of your city when face is being pounded into the asphalt."

No arrests have been made and no suspects have been named. Harrisburg Police are still investigating the incident. 

More plus video at WHP's website