News Crew Injured after Hitting Moose

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We're not sure if it was Bullwinkle or not, but a news crew from KIFI in Jackson, WY was injured on the way to a story, when their car hit a moose. 

Early in the morning, Stephanie Hale-Lopez was driving herself and fellow reporter, Christina Jensen, from Idaho Falls to Driggs to cover the Teton Valley Balloon Rally when they struck a moose on US 26. 

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"I seriously think someone was watching over us," said Hale-Lopez, "we knew that there were going to be animals out."

5 a.m. on an Idaho mountain road, Stephanie knows every bend in the pavement is a chance for something unexpected. 

"We thought we had to be extra vigilant, even more than usual," said Hale-Lopez. "The roads were really slick, it started to rain."

The elements were against her and she'd soon realize just how unforgiving mother nature can be. 

"Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this huge moose," said Hale-Lopez. "I slammed on the brakes, the moose just kept walking in front of the car. We hit it. The impact was severe."

Stephanie kept her hands firmly on the wheel and slowly kept driving. 

"The windshield had caved in, there was glass everywhere," said Hale-Lopez.

For a mile and a half, Stephanie was driving blind. 

"All that I was thinking was I have to make sure the car just follows the curve of the road, because the Snake River is right next to us," said Hale-Lopez. "If I make one mistake the car will roll over and we will go into the river."

Finally she found a place to stop. Idaho State Police Trooper, Neil Stevens, arrived on scene. 

"She held onto the steering wheel, kept the vehicle on the road. She pushed through it," said Cpl. Stevens. 

Stevens said the way Stephanie guided the car slowly ahead, without panicking was exemplary, and likely saved her life and the life of reporter Christina Jensen. 

"Where she was there was an embankment, and she would have gone straight into the river," said Cpl. Stevens. 

More plus video at KIFI's website