KRON Misses on Crash Coverage


When Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash landed at San Francisco Airport it exposed how short staff local TV stations are on the Weekends.

Social media was way out in front of the San Francisco affiliates when it came to getting information about the crash.

But, it appears that no station was caught more flat footed than Media General's KRON. 

The station that bills itself as the Bay Area's News Station, was the only one in the market to offered no live streaming. And this is the most tech savvy market in the country.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 8.23.44 AM.png

Also the station's website feature several pictures from competitor KGO's News Helicopter (see picture above).

And looking at the station's website on Sunday (right), the most read stories on the site had nothing to do with the plane crash. The number 2 most read story on the site was the death of the Night Stalker that happened a month ago! 

KRON might want to change their slogan to "The Bay Area's News Station on Monday - Friday" 

Just a thought.