Media Executives Rake in the Big $$$$

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While you toil away in the newsroom deciding what you will have on the value menu for lunch.  Your boss's boss boss is living the high life and making more money per year, than most of us will make in a lifetime.

After stock options, salary and bonuses, there are some media executives being paid obscene amounts of money.

Fox News Channel Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes received a $21-million pay package in 2012 and he's not even in the top 10.

His boss, Rupert Murdoch comes in at Number 5 on the list, pulling in $30 million. 

Topping the list is CBS's Les Moonves. 

Moonves pulled in $62.2 million bucks in 2012. Not bad for a guy that's network evening and morning newscasts are in last place.  

The full list at The LA Times