Former Anchor Could Clean His Record


Yesterday, FTVLive told you that former WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison copped a plea in his domestic violence case.  And he has a chance to clear his record.

Morrison took a conditional guilty plea to charges relating to a fight with his wife and the embarrassing incident will be cleared from his record if he keeps his nose clean for two years.

He admitted to “threatening” in the second degree and disorderly conduct for the February blow-up with estranged wife Ashley Morrison.

And although Morrison has plead guilty to these charges, he still faces a strangulation charge in the incident.

Morrison allegedly choked and threatened to kill the beautiful blond CBS reporter, who had bloodied his face during the dispute.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Morrison will attend a family violence program called Explore for 26 weeks.

After that, he'll apply for another family violence education program, which could last an additional 6 months to two years.

 He also needs to undergo psych evaluations, substance abuse treatment and random urine tests over the next two years, Stamford Family Court Judge Gary White said.

If he sticks by the terms of the agreement, the charges could be expunged from his record, said Morrison’s lawyer, Robert Skoovgard.

Asked after court if he’d comply with the terms, Morrison said, “Of course. Who wouldn’t?”

Morrison seemed unhappy after the court appearance, but Skoovgard praised him for doing the right thing.

“Rob opted to take the route that would ensure results,” Skoovgard said.

“It is very unusual for any criminal defendant to want to enter a plea of guilty. That having been said, Rob recognized the potential risks involved in going to trial. More importantly, he realized that prolonging the case doesn't serve the Morrison family's interest.”

H/T NY Daily News