Rob Morrison Pleads Guilty, Avoids Jail


Former WCBS New York anchor Rob Morrison plead guilty yesterday on two of three charges regarding his arrest by police back in February.  

Cops busted Morrison after a domestic dispute with his wife CBS MoneyWatch anchor Ashley Morrison.

Morrison pleaded guilty on second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct and agreed to participate in a Family Violence Education Program.

The anchor did not enter a plea for the felony strangulation charge. Morrison has said he did not choke his wife.

After the court session, Morrison got into heated discussion with his wife's lawyer Nancy Aldrich in the courtroom hallway. 

 “You’re representing a completely untruthful position. How can you do that?” Morrison angrily demanded.

“She never told you the truth about that night.”

As Aldrich tried to answer, Morrison interrupted, saying, “She’s saying I never strangled her? The judge doesn’t care. She made a false statement that night.”

Aldrich then insisted, “There was no misrepresentation of the facts.”

Darien Police also claim he threatened to kill his wife while at police headquarters, which Morrison also refutes.

As he left the courthouse, Morrison declined to comment on the matter. 

He's do back in court on the other charges August 14th.