Rob Morrison Back Together with Wife Ashley


Former WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison appears to be back together with his wife Moneywatch Anchor wife Ashley.

The same woman that cops say he choked and threaten to kill. 

Page Six says the couple has been seen spending time together almost every weekend lately with their 7-year-old son at the exclusive Greenwich Water Club, where they celebrated Ashley’s birthday last Saturday.

“They are there together almost every weekend and sometimes Friday when Ashley gets off work,” said one member. “They are still together.”

Another friend of Ashley’s said: “They’re trying to move forward. They’re working things out now that things have quieted down. I think this was a wake-up call [for Rob]. He does seem different from the time when everything went down. They seem pretty peaceful.”

Sources said that under a Connecticut court ruling, “As long as Ashley is agreeable to spending time together, they can spend as much time together as they want.” The source said Morrison could even eventually be cleared to move back into the home they shared.

Several sources close to the couple told us that Ashley’s even been privately telling friends her husband didn’t physically assault her that night. “She told me that did not happen,” said one in the couple’s Connecticut enclave.

A friend of Morrison added, “Rob’s made a lot of mistakes. He still has a lot of work to do.” Another said, “[He] is carefully following the court- mandated therapy and is working hard to be a better husband.”

Reps for Morrison declined to comment.