July Ratings Good for CNN Bad for MSNBC

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.56.07 AM.png

CNN is starting to show life and no one could be happier then Boss Jeff Zucker. 

CNN's ratings are way up compared to last year's numbers and the cable net seems to be turning around it's dismal ratings of the past couple of years. 

The only thing that could wipe the smile off Zucker's face is the ratings for his morning show "New Day." 

The show finished the July book with low ratings and was beaten by both Fox News and MSNBC. 

Speaking of MSNBC, they sucked wind in the July ratings. 

With not much political news and the George Zimmerman trial, MSNBC fell further back in the numbers.

MSNBC's Zimmerman trial coverage was awful and it showed with their lack of viewers.

The cable news network that uses the strangest method to get viewers is seeing their numbers continue to free fall.  MSNBC relies on lots of politics and no "real news" to happen for it to be successful in the ratings.

As long as news keeps breaking, MSNBC is screwed.