Bra-less Reporter: I'm Done with the Media Circus


Fired WAAY Reporter Shea Allen says she is no officially done with the media circus surrounding her firing after her confessional blog post.

Allen took to her blog again to tell her fans (and haters) that she is moving on with the next phase of her life. 

Allen writes: 

Well's been fun. 

Still haven't decided if this is a dream or a nightmare. I've always wanted to tell the news, not be it. 

I want to make one major clarification. I'm not even going to address the nonsense that's been floating around but I will address one huge misnomer. I was never asked to take the blog down. I was fired without discussion. I took the blog down immediately following my termination, then reposted it Friday evening. There was no defiance or petulance. If I could go back and do it over, I would have never written the post. My job was worth 100 times more than any of this media circus. 

Finally, in regards to said media circus, I'm done. I spent 48 hours in the fray, got my points across, but now it's time to focus on my future and rebuilding my life. No Dr. Phil. No Geraldo. No Piers Morgan.

Meanwhile, thanks for the support. To the haters, I respect your right to hate. I will continue to not filter the comments, good or bad. 

What's next you ask? Well, that's the million dollar question isn't it. 

Allen did post pictures of her 15 minutes of fame, but at least she didn't go all A.J. Clemente on us. 

Stay tuned....