Bra-Less Reporter has Arrest Record

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Here is an interesting twist to the WAAY Reporter that was fired after her blog posting. 

Yesterday we told you that Shea Allen posted some confessions on her blog. After she posted the story the station fired her.

FTVLive talked to her about the incident and how it all went down.  

Now, FTVLive has learned that Shea Allen has an arrest record as well.  

Allen was arrested on January 28, 2012 on a warrant issued by the Canton Georgia Police department.

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While she was arrested in Huntsville, Alabama the warrant she was arrested on was out of Georgia.

Records show Allen was released a day later on January 29 and the online data base does not say what the warrant was for.  

We're guessing it was not for not wearing a bra....but who knows. 

Here's the arrest info that was posted online: 

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