Unpaid Interns Sue Gawker


Remember back to your first internship at a TV station. You were paid nothing, worked long hours and if you were lucky, you got to carry the tripod.

Ahhhh... the good old days. 

Now, it seems Interns don't want to do anything and they defiantly want to get paid for it. 

The website Gawker and their network of blogs have been sued by unpaid interns who allege the online publisher violated minimum-wage law.

In the case, filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court, three former interns said they each spent at least 15 hours a week working on blogs affiliated with the New York media company and were “not paid a single cent.”

“Gawker employs numerous other ‘interns’ in the same way, paying them nothing or underpaying them and utilizing their services to publish its content on the Internet, an enterprise that generates significant amounts of revenue for Gawker,” the plaintiffs said in the complaint, which was filed on behalf of all of the company’s unpaid interns.

The lawsuit, which also names company founder Nick Denton as a defendant, seeks unpaid wages and overtime. Representatives for Gawker didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Lucky for us here at FTVLive, we pay our interns  $75 dollars and hour and give them a company car. 

H/T Bloomberg