Signing off in Seattle

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KING veteran reporter and anchor Allen Schauffler signed off from the station last night.  

He's is going to be a "regional correspondent for a network."

In the story on KING's website, they did not say what the network was. A search shows that he is headed to Al Jazeera America. You have to wonder if Schauffler was headed to NBC, ABC or CNN if they would have named the network?

Schauffler joined the station in October 1992 as a weekend anchor and general reporter. 

“I had a mustache, brown hair. It was awesome,” said Allen. "Thankfully, the mustache left pretty quickly. The brown hair -- the last five years have been brutal on it, it's just gone.”

He says the hardest he worked in his years at KING was covering the Olympic games.

He covered seven of them. 

No word if he will get to cover the Olympic's at Al Jazeera?