Lester Holt Shanks Story on Pro Golfer

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On last night's NBC Nightly News, Anchor Lester Holt had a brief story on PGA Tour player Hunter Mahan. 

Mahan was leading the Canadian Open after 2 rounds, when his wife called and told him she was going into labor.  

Mahan left the course and flew to Texas for the birth of his child.  If he won the event he was looking at a million dollar pay day. 

It was a human interest story that made for a 30 second VO on Sunday's Nightly News.  

It was obvious that the writer of the story and Lester Holt were not golfers.  

I can't find the video on NBC's website, but Holt basically said "Mahan had a commanding 2 shot lead in the Canadian Open..." "He was unstopped...." 

Holt then went on to talk about how he left the event to be with his wife.  

Here's where NBC bogeyed the story.

The event was 72 holes and Mahan left after 36 holes. A 2 shot lead could be lost in a single hole. Mahan still had two rounds to play. In fact the 36 hole leader loses more than he wins on the PGA Tour. Mahan was far from "unstoppable."

It was one of the interesting human interest stories and made a nice 30 second VO.

But for any golfer watching the story, it showed once again "media doesn't know what they are talking about."

It was a small thing, but it still is a hit to the credibility of the broadcast.