Korean TV Station Pokes Fun at KTVU (Updated)


A Korean TV station took a well deserved shot at  San Francisco's KTVU.

While reporting on the Southwest flight that a landing gear failure when it touched down in New York, the TV station came up with some names for the flight crew.

The Korean news agency showed this graphic with American pilot names “Captain Kent Parker Wright”, “Co-Captain Wyatt Wooden Workman”.

They even made up fake names for people to interview. Flight instructor “Heywood U. Flye-Moore” and skeptical passenger “Macy Lawyers”.

So far, KTVU has no comment.  

Update: FTVLive was sent the picture with the story. But as a few of you pointed out, this is obviously a photoshop job. Why would Korean TV have english fonts? Also, after we posted it, we wondered why Korean TV has the Nasdaq numbers?  

We could have taken the story down and acted like it was never there, but then we would be doing the same thing KTVU is doing by trying to delete the video off YouTube.

Two people emailed the story and a number of people tweeted about it. But yeah...it's fake.  

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