Bra-Less Reporter is Fired


Proof that the politically correct idiots are ruining TV news. This morning we told you that WAAY (Hunstville) Reporter Shea Allen posted some personal confessions on her blog

Now word comes that she was fired for her personal blog post.

Allen confess to among other things taking a nap in the newscar and to doing a live shot without wearing a bra. 

FTVLive can admit to do both these things as well.  

While her blog entry did some some humor, she may have realized when she posted the entry, it might bring some trouble. She pulled the blog post down and then re-posted it after thinking about.

Somewhere along the line, her station fired her. Which is complete bullshit if you ask us.

There are plenty of people that do stupid things in this business that fully deserve to be fired. This is not one of those things.  

FTVLive has reached out to Allen and waiting to hear back. 

In the meantime, here's hoping another station picks her up and let's her carry on her career. 

With or without a bra.