EXCLUSIVE: Bra-Less Reporter: "I am not another AJ Clemente."


FTVLive has been telling you about former WAAY Reporter Shea Allen, who was fired from the station for a posting she made on her personal website.

Titeled "Confessions of a Read Headed Reporter," Allen admitted to going bra-lass on a live shot and she's frighten of old people among other things. 

Allen was shocked when her station fired her for the posting. 

FTVLive caught up with Allen and asked her about all this and of course we had to ask the most important question.  

Is she wearing a bra? 

Here is our interview:  

FTVLive: Were you shocked that the station fired you over this post? How did it go down? What did they say?

Shea: I had no earthly idea. It was just me being my usual, snarky & cynical self. It was written on my personal blog and not promoted via any of my station affiliated social media sites. It was my voice in my personal space. 

FTVLive: Did you think when you wrote the post it would have set off this kind of firestorm? Is traffic blowing up to your website?

Shea: I woke up this morning and was just excited to see that I had a few extra followers. By noon, I had four radio interviews set up and producers from the Today Show calling. But I am not another "AJ Clemente." I am an award winning investigative journalist who just wants to tell the news. That's all I've ever wanted to do. 

FTVLive: What is the reaction you are getting from people?

Shea: Mostly support & outrage over the fact I was terminated for what is being termed as my first amendment right to expression. I've gotten the most flak for my comment about my phobia of old people. But to be clear, that stems from a personal terror of getting old and being abandoned in a nursing home. For the record, if somebody 65+ wants me to do a story on how they are getting conned, screwed over by the system, etc. I'd fight for their rights in a heartbeat. 

FTVLive: What are your plans now? 

Shea: No clue yet. I am a single mom to a 6 year old little boy and he is my priority. He is about to start first grade and now I'm supposed to yank him from his home, his friends, the life we've built here together? I never expected this to happen. I just want to be a damn good reporter and an even better mother. 

FTVLive: By the way, we have to ask....are you wearing a bra during this interview?

Shea: Lol. Good questions. It seems all the inquiring minds want to know.