CBS, Time Warner Extend Deadline

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Your cable bills will continue to go up, because cable companies want to get as much money from you as they can and TV stations want to dig deep into your pocket as well.

CBS has been locked in a retransmission with Time Warner Cable.

CBS wants Time Warner to pay them more to carry their channels. Which in reality means, CBS wants us to pay more to watch their channels.  

Both sides have set deadlines which they continue to push back. The latest deadline is now Monday at 5PM.

Media companies see the retans fees as a way to offset the lower advertising dollars they get for the shrinking viewership watching their channels.

Retrans fees are like free money for a media company.  

There is no "good guy" in these retrans fight. Both sides want you to pay them as much money as they can get for you.  

Eventually, the fight between CBS and Time Warner will end. CBS will not get as much money as they wanted and Time Warner will have to pay more than they wanted.

They will sign a new deal for 3 to 5 years and then the entire thing will happen all over again when the deal ends.

In those 3-5 years you will see your cable bill increase and it will cost you more money out of your pocket. 

That's why more and more people are cutting the cord and hoping that companies like Aereo take off. 

The money grubbing cable and media companies are sending the TV industry down the same path as newspapers.  

But unfortunately they don't see it because the dollar signs are blocking their view.