Yawn...Robin Roberts Lands Zimmerman Juror


GMA's Robin Roberts has landed one of the jurors from the George Zimmerman trial for an interview that will air on tomorrow's Good Morning America and throughout the day on other ABC News programs.

CNN's Anderson Cooper already talked to juror B37 on CNN the day after the trail Roberts has now moved down a couple of numbers and will talk to juror B29.  

While Coop's juror concealed her identity, B29 is not doing so with Roberts.

The juror goes by the mane of Maddy and she was the only minority that served on the Zimmerman jury. 

While the media might still be obsessed with the Zimmerman trial most of the public has moved on. Heck we have a royal baby and the Weiner scandal now.

So the question remains, is Roberts' big get really that big?