The Ego Has Landed


Keith Olbermann may have burned more bridges in this industry than anyone. But, Olbermann points out, when you burn the bridge, just take the tunnel.

Somehow, Olby has tunneled his way back into ESPN and he now claims it was the best place he ever worked. He said that as he worked at other places, ESPN started to look better and better. He thought it was contentious when he was there in the 1990s, but “after my other experiences, it was like ‘Let’s applaud Keith’ for five years.”

He says that his work at MSNBC and Current TV "took a lot out of me, and it wasn’t all that much fun.”

He avoided mentioning either MSNBC or Current by name, and referred to his bosses there as “ex-politicians.” In response to a question about his past experiences at ESPN and Current, he said, “That’s like the difference between color TV and radio.”

He said he has learned a few things from a career marked by stormy exits.

“Man, I better have,” he said. “I have to have figured out what parts of it were my fault.”

Here's a hint Keith, most of it was your fault.  

How long he last at ESPN? 

Stay tuned...  

H/T NY Daily News