F-Bomb Anchor Kept Voicemails From Matt Lauer

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A.J. Clemente's 15 minutes of fame long ran out, but he saves those precious moments in his mind.

He has also saved the voicemails that Matt Lauer left him on his phone. 

Clemente's TV career ended just moments after it started, when he started out his very first newscast with the words "fuckin shit." 

To this day he still blames the mistake on the lack of a time cue, no IFB and an early start to the newscast. 

So, what did he do when he got fired? 

"I called my mom," he told the Cape Gazette "It was a little devastating."

The failed anchor is now working his third summer at Que Pasa, a Delaware bar, pouring drinks and fielding questions about his first on-air appearance as a news anchor.

Clemente said he officially got the ax the day after he dropped the F-bomb, but he was already beginning to field calls from media outlets nationwide, offering to fly him to New York and Los Angeles for appearances.

"I was still in the process of deciding whether to hide or just go with it," he said. "Matt Lauer left some voice mails. I still have them, actually."

"It was insane," he said. "All the support shocked me the most. From Lauer to Letterman, they all said it could have happened to anyone."

Making appearances on the Kelly and Michael show and the David Letterman show were highlights, he said, and he was surprised to find out from some friends he met backpacking through Europe last winter that the blooper even made an international splash.

"Kelly and Michel were awesome, but Letterman was like talking to a friend," he said, a little surprised by the outpouring of support.

By May Clemente had returned to Dewey Beach to work for a third summer at Que Pasa.

Though he is still getting some interviews about the incident and even, strangely enough, congratulations, Clemente said he's not letting his new-found fame get the best of him.

Concentrating on just getting through another season for now, the fallen anchorman said he's eager to move on this fall.

"At the end of summer I'm ready to go see where the next challenge is."

We're guessing the next challenge might be working the bar at Applebee's.