YouTube Restores KTVU Fuk Up Video

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 2.45.23 PM.png

As FTVLive told you, KTVU tried to scrub the Internet of the video of their embarrassing mistake of reporting fake names of the flight crew for Asiana Airlines Flight 214.

KTVU contacted YouTube and claimed that the video posted of the mistake violated the copyright rules. 

Matthew Keys filed a counter-notice with YouTube citing "fair use".

YouTube agreed that the video fell within the fair use guidelines and KTVU video has been restored the the site.

FTVLive pointed out that it was huge mistake for KTVU to try and have the video pulled. Now, if KTVU wants the video off YouTube, they will have to file a civil lawsuit alleging copyright infringement.

No word if they will go that route, but here's hoping they are smart enough not to try it. 

Then again, when it comes to this story, the station hasn't really done anything smart so far. 

Stay tuned...  

And just because it is back on YouTube, here is the video one more time: (See! KTVU if you just left things the way they were, we wouldn't be using this video again):