Media Loves A Good Weiner

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.02.31 AM.png

When it comes to coverage of Anthony Weiner, size does matter.

The cable nets took time off over obsessing over the Royal Baby to cover the latest thing to pop up in the Antony Weiner sex scandal. 

Word came out that Weiner AKA Carlos Danger had sent even more sexts. 

“Up next, we’re moving to a very, very different story,” Wolf Blitzer said as he transitioned the show from the Royal Baby to Anthony's Weiner.

The story is perfect for the cable networks still sulking that the George Zimmerman trial is over. 

As word came down that more sexts were out there and that Weiner was going to be holding a press conference, it was like "Trayvon Who?" for the media.

The kittens had a new shinny object and it was a story that could wrap their hands around (someone that Weiner did as well). 

The ingredients are perfect for cable news: New York, the U.S.’ largest media market, and home base to the networks; sex, politics, deceit and the woman that is standing by her man.

It's almost like we have been teleported back to the Clinton White House.

No matter what, you can expect ball to ball overage on this story from the cable news outlets. 

OK. I'm out of stupid puns now.