OK...Now it's Creepy

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It was bad enough that Geraldo Rivera tweeted a naked photo of himself in the middle of the night, but as he explains why he did it, it's getting really creepy. 

Rivera says:

"There I was, 2:30 in the morning on Sunday morning. You know, I do the show Saturday night, I did a great show on black-on-black crime and race relations and the Trayvon Martin fallout and federal charges ... and I get home and there's no one to talk to, everyone's asleep. And you just sit around, I had a drink and, you know, I had taken that picture Saturday morning and I was looking at it, just going through and I said 'you know, I gotta tweet this thing. I look pretty good for a 70-year-old.' And I think because I'm so old people will cut me some slack, they won't take it too seriously. And I don't know, I just pushed the trigger. And once you push the trigger, it's just there for life."

OK...here' what creeps me out! Geraldo admits that he's sitting around, drinking by alone and taking naked photos of himself in the mirror. 

Only after taking the photo and looking at it...does he decide to Tweet it. 

In other words, he's just snapping naked photos on himself in the middle of the night and then because he liked one of them he decided to Tweet it. Does Geraldo often sit around taking naked pics of himself?

The dude is whacked!