Down the Slippery Slope We Go


NY Times Media Critic Brian Stelter is going to guest host CNN's Reliable Sources. 

The Washington Post reports that Stelter, a New York Times reporter covering television and digital media, will guest-host an edition of CNN’s Sunday program “Reliable Sources,” the media-watchdog show that longtime host Howard Kurtz recently left for a job with Fox News.

No word if this is a tryout for Stelter to do the show on a more regular basis, but there is no doubt, it is a slippery slope.  

Stelter is asked by CNN, a network that he covers to step in and host a show on that network. How no one sees this is a conflict of interest is beyond us. 

Why the NY Times is letting him do the show, is also a head scratcher.  

Many felt that when Howie Kurtz signed onto host the show on CNN, much of his credibility when out the window.

Could the same thing happen to Stelter? 

Time will tell, but if it was me, I would tell CNN thanks but no thanks...and continue to do my job at the paper.

Stay tuned...