Broken News


Yesterday was a big news day across the world. But, you never would have known that watching the cable networks. 

Out in Arizona, 19 firefighters died trying to stop a wildfire that turn on them and killed them.

Edward Snowden is still trying to find a Country he can hide in. 

Nelson Mandala is on his death bed. 

President Obama has made the trek to Africa.

And protests in Egypt have turned deadly.  

But, the story that the cable nets are focused on is happening in a courtroom in central Florida. 

As trials go on in courtrooms around the country, cable news chooses to focus only on the George Zimmerman trail. 

The only time those other stories were covered was when there was a break in the Zimmerman trial.

Even then that wasn't always the case.

Many times the cable news networks used the trials downtime to bring on their talking heads and discuss what viewers just saw in the courtroom.

So why are the networks skipping the other news for the Zimmerman trial?

One word.


Viewers continue to watch the trail and as long as that happens, the cable nets are more than willing to quit covering the other news until viewers are choked on Zimmerman coverage. 

And it will happen.  

Just like American Idol, The Apprentice and Survivor, viewers eventually get bored and stop watching. The same thing will happen with non stop trial coverage of murders. 

TV has never understood moderation in anything. They find something that brings in ratings and they ride that horse till it collapses. 

Stay tuned....