As the Katie Show Turns


Katie Couric's talk show 'Katie' may have replaced some soap operas on some stations, but behind the scenes this show might be the biggest soap opera of all.

Yesterday, the Katie show announced that they would be doing new episodes throughout July to try and bring in viewers. 

But, now word is that the queen bee herself is not happy with the direction of the show.

The NY Daily News reports that Couric feels the show  is taking a turn in the wrong direction.

The paper reports that daytime show will be “gossip-centric” in its second season, since a behind-the-scenes shakeup replaced executive producer Michael Morrison with “The Tyra Banks Show” executive producer Rachel Miskowiec.

Couric, who is also a co-executive producer on the show, is upset at being “dumbed down,” a source says, and was set on calling it quits after season one. Then Miskowiec arrived and promised a nice middle ground of hard-hitting news and softer fare — but count on it being more on the light side, says the Daily News.

“If there is one thing Katie hates more than being called ‘perky,’ it's being called ‘tabloid,’ ” a source says. “She thinks of herself as a serious journalist, covering stories that make a difference. She’s fighting this.”

Couric has made it clear she wants to be taken seriously at work, and at the studio she has even made fun of our culture’s obsession with celebrity.

Tune in next week for another edition of As The Katie Show Turns.