In and Out of the Office


Starting Today through Monday, FTVLive will be on a bit of a wacky schedule. 

The Jacksonville Golf Association City Amateur starts Today and I have a 8:09AM tee time. 

If I make the cut, the tournament is 4 days long. If I don't then I am wrapped up by Friday afternoon.

On Sunday evening, I have to go to Orlando for a Monday qualifier for another tournament. Again, I have a very early tee time on Monday.

Monday night it will be a 3 hour drive back to the FTVLive World Headquarters and hopefully a fairly normal day on Tuesday.

Then Wednesday, I have another deal that will have me out of the office.  

I really thought about just taking the week off. But, I haven't taken off a single day in over 6 months...and I just don't want to do that just yet.

FTVLive is on track for a month like we have never seen before. The site continues to grow and the traffic continues to increase. 

So, I will continue to update the site, but it might be on different schedule (like the middle of the night) than you have been used to. I will travel with my laptop in the car and try to hit WiFi hotspots where and when I can. 

There are some great perks to owning a one person company, but when you have some outside events planned it makes it a bit more difficult.

It's not like I can just schedule the Weekend Anchor to takeover while I'm gone.  

Thanks for understanding, you guys truly are the best.