Radio Station Cools Off on Hottest Poll

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Yesterday, FTVLive told you about a radio station in Maine that has posted pictures of local news anchors on their website and asked listeners "Who is the Hottest TV Newswoman in Maine?"

FTVLive also told you that one station did not like the idea of their anchors being featured in the poll. The station said: 

"WCSH6 and WLBZ2 do not condone the current WDEA poll involving our reporters’ names and images. We made it clear before the start of this poll that our newsrooms will not participate and that our individual reporters do NOT want to be involved. We find it demeaning to our reporters and the other journalists used in this contest."

After FTVLive posted the story the radio station changed the poll’s headline to ask readers their “favorite” instead of the “hottest” TV newswoman. The also included the following revision in the post:

“It seems we offended a few of you out there with our use of the word ‘Hottest’ to describe these lovely and talented journalists. It was not our intent to offend, so we’ve changed it to ‘Favorite.’ Sorry about that.”

But it seems that not all the newswomen felt the poll was "demeaning," Nicole Gerber, an anchor/reporter and producer for WVII, posted a link to the poll on Twitter and Facebook on Monday morning, asking her fans to “send some support.”

After the FTVLive story deleted the social media posts.

Maybe she changed her mind.