Cleveland "Hero" Claims He's Broke and Homeless

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Charles Ramsey was hailed by the media as a "hero" after he played a role in helping rescue three Cleveland women held captive in his neighbors house.

In the two months since the rescue, Ramsey has made around $50,000 from "corporate speaking engagements" and money raised online.

Despite making $25 grand a month since being featured on local and national news,  Ramsey says he's broke. 

"I’m broke, bro," Ramsey told the Daily Mail. "That’s the truth." 

Ramsey bought a BMW after the incident now claims he was fired from his job working in a kitchen because customers kept coming in to shake his hand.

The Mail reports that Ramsey was basically "shamed" out of his former house by his neighbors "who claim he exaggerated his role in the rescue of the girls."

Ramsey says that he has gone for jobs as a prep cook, restaurant worker and a dishwasher, which was his old job before he became famous.

But once word gets around of where he is working, it becomes impossible because of all the interest, even if he is out of sight of the public.

It all adds up to an unenviable paradox: Ramsey is too famous to lead a normal life, but not famous enough that he can make a career out of it, he says.

‘I don’t have an address, I don’t live anywhere. I go from house to house, to friend to friend, to family member to family member,' he said. ‘What I’ve been doing for the past four weeks is wearing out my welcome with everybody who knows me. 

‘Some places I don’t think I’m allowed to go back, I don’t know why, I don’t do nothing.’

He pleaded: ‘Just give me a job.

Hey Charles we know of a Summer Internship Job that opened up at the NTSB.