Media Scramble to Land Zimmerman Interview

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The George Zimmerman trial is over and now the the battle for "Get George" moves into full gear.

Local and national media outlets are doing their best to land the first interview with Zimmerman since he was acquitted on murder charges.  

Zimmerman's lawyer Mark O'Mara says that his client will talk at some point "on his terms, at his time, when he's ready."

But O'Mara adds that Zimmerman needs a break after "a 16-month traumatic event." 

Who will get the first Zimmerman interview?

Fox News and Sean Hannity would seem the probable winner. Hannity already sat down with Zimmerman before the trial and that interview was used during the trial. 

It is also possible that Zimmerman may ditch the traditional media and go to someone that will pay him big bucks to tell his story.

The one media outlet that likely has no chance is NBC. 

Zimmerman has an ongoing defamation suit against the network, when in December he claims that NBC and its Miami station, WTVJ, falsely depicted him as a racist in five reports. 

NBC is fighting the charges.