Station Says Leave Us Out Of "Hot" Anchor Contest

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When websites and radio stations run out of ideas, they always turn to the "Who's the best? or Who's the Hottest? polls to try and drum up traffic.

Since the news is slow this time of year in Maine (and the rest of the year for that matter) local radio station WDEA AM 1230 is holding a contest on their website. 

Who is the Hottest TV Newswoman in Maine?

It's the station's online poll that let's listeners vote as often as they want (more hits to the station's website that way) and pick who that think is the state's hottest news babe.

Not every station is happy to see the online poll. WCSH has released this statement about the contest: 

"WCSH6 and WLBZ2 do not condone the current WDEA poll involving our reporters’ names and images. We made it clear before the start of this poll that our newsrooms will not participate and that our individual reporters do NOT want to be involved. We find it demeaning to our reporters and the other journalists used in this contest."

Of course you just know some of those same anchors will still be busy clicking their mouse to rack up votes from themselves.