Kate Plus 8 Thousand Members of the Media


Forget the Zimmerman Trial, the unrest in Egypt or the NSA Leaker, the media is poised for the biggest story of the Summer. 

The coverage of the Royal Baby. 

Media across the world are camped out waiting for Kate Middleton to arrive at the hospital and give birth to the most famous baby since Kim Kardashian spit out North Pole (or whatever his name is).

Of course the news will not be official until Buckingham Palace says it is.

The Palace will be where the world will learn about the Royal Baby.

The birth notice will be taken by car to the Palace and posted on an easel by the gates for all to see. It will be the most watched easel since Tim Russsert tried to explain to viewers the election in 2000. 

All the media will go overboard with coverage and the Royal Baby will become a royal pain in the ass for people trying to escape the coverage. 

The big news is the Royal Baby will one day be the King or Queen of England. 

Kim Kardashian's kid will one day make a sex tape (most like using the name "North Pole" ....get it? North Pole? Never mind)

Is this a great country or what.