Phoenix Anchor Remains M-I-A


Back in June, FTVLive told you that KTVK veteran Anchor  Patti Kirkpatrick was nowhere to be found in the newsroom and her desk had been cleaned out. 

Word is that Kirkpatrick is locked in a contract dispute with the station. Her desk remains cleaned off and empty, but the official word is she's on "extended leave".

The station seems to be moving on without the longtime anchor.  

KTVK News Director Cameryn Beck has been shaking things up on the anchor desk.  

Beck has moved co-anchor Fields Moseley to the AM show under the guise that he needs more exposure to a different audience.

Morning anchor Javier Soto has been moved to the evenings and is sitting alongside  Carey Pena.

These moves are supposed to be tempoary, but word is the ratings have improved with the team of Sota and Pena.

Now what?

Stay tuned...