Palm Springs Station Falls off Time Warner Cable


A pissing match between KPSE and Time Warner cable has resulted in cable viewers not being able to watch the station. And their sister station, KMIR might be off TW by the end of the month. 

Negotiations failed between Journal Broadcast Group and Time Warner Cable. A June 30th deadline was extended to Wednesday. But that deadline ran out and KPSE fell off the system. 

“It is unfortunate that Journal Broadcast Group has decided to pull their programming from our customers’ lineups,” spokesman Dennis Johnson said in a statement. “Journal is demanding more than a 200 percent increase over previous compensation without delivering more value.”

Opposing sides had been negotiating for weeks to reach a deal that would allow Time Warner to continue airing Palm Desert-based KPSE and KMIR, Channel 6, which are owned by Journal Broadcast Group.

KPSE programming was taken off Time Warner at midnight, but KMIR cannot be removed during a sweeps period as per Federal Communications Commission rules.

If a deal isn’t reached by July 24 when the sweeps period ends, KMIR could also be removed, Johnson said.

H/T The Desert Sun