Zimmerman Case to Go to the Jury Tomorrow

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The George Zimmerman trial is expect to go to the Jury on Friday afternoon and we could have a verdict before the end of the Weekend.

"They will go out to deliberate Friday afternoon," Judge Debra Nelson told prosecutors and defense lawyers after Wednesday's proceedings.

TV stations across Florida have alerted the staff to be on stand by for the verdict.  

Depending on which news organization you watch, Zimmerman is either going to get off or be convicted.

ABC's Legal Analyst Dan Abrams says he feels Zimmerman will not be found guilty in murder of Trayvon Martin.  

Switch over to MSNBC and Al Sharpton as Trayvon Martin's parent's attorney Benjamin Crump says there was "overwhelming evidence" to hold Zimmerman accountable. "We have faith that if the jury follows the evidence, he will be held accountable," Crump said.

Stations are also quietly preparing for unrest after the verdict is read.

Some stations are planning wall to wall coverage of the verdict and the violence if such does occur.

Stay tuned...