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Yesterday we told you about a station in Tallahassee, FL that let the Chick-fil-a cows come onto the set during the newscast in what turned out to be a free commercial for the fast food restaurant.

Was it the worst move by a local TV station this past week?


For that you would have to head up to Washington, DC and WUSA. The station that attempted to turn their newscast into Saturday Night Live minus the humor part.

Washington Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III got married over the weekend and needless to say the press was not invited to the wedding ceremony.

That didn't stop Sports Anchor Dave Owens and the crew at WUSA from trying to "reenact" the wedding during the newscast.

It was supposed to be was not.

New Orleans News Anchor Scott Walker said it was the "Worst thing I've seen within a TV newscast in a long time" on his Twitter account. 

Others felt the same:  

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You watch something like this and yet people still wonder why local TV news is suffering from a credibility problem. 

Here is the video from WUSA's newscast: