John Bolaris’s in Twitter Freakout....again


Former Philly Weatherman John Bolaris sure can carry a grudge. 

His latest beef and Twitter rant got it's start back to just before the start of the U.S. Open in Merion (early June) when WIP radio host Michael Barkann was on the sir discussing the ominous weather forecast and its possible effect on the tournament.

Bolaris who just wants attention and wants to be on air called into the station offer his take just before Barkann wrapped up at 1 p.m. He spoke with a producer and Barkann, thinking Barkann would relay his comments to their listeners. Alas, the show ended with no Bolaris shout-out.

This past Holiday Weekend, Bolaris still fuming that the radio host did not put him on the air or just his information a month ago lashed out on Twitter: 

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 6.05.16 AM.png

So why did Bolaris wait 6 weeks to Tweet about the incident? 

“It’s been bothering me,” he told the Philly Post. “[Barkann] acted like he was writing down what I was saying — ‘Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, OK.’ I analyze computer models and spend time on it for the listeners. To be humiliated and act like he’s writing it down — dude, just tell me you don’t want me to give you the forecast. He could have said it’s going to be tight, or that I’m uneasy putting you on the air. If I was still on TV, he would have put me on.”

Well Johnny boy, you're not on air and with antics it's easy to see just why that is.

Just saying....